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Can a brand be an inspiration?

The Chirag project was about a dream that we all nurtured. To build a brand that would not only make a real difference to children studying in the villages, but be a constant source of inspiration. Continue reading


Power of context

In a commoditized market, how outside-in thinking isolates a context to unlock a large marketing opportunity. Continue reading

Tata Nano. A huge marketing blunder?

I guess enough has been written about the car. From an amazing engineering and business feat to a marketing disaster: all shades and forms of opinion have been expressed. So why my two-penny bit?

Simply because Nano is too big an idea to fail.

From its inception, the overriding impact of Nano has been its Rs 1 lakh price tag. That is sad. Because the real genius of the Nano platform should have been its ingenuity in creating a new idea in urban transportation. Continue reading

The Sparrows don’t chirp any more

Sunday was turning out to be inconsequential. I was lazing and gazing on a tiny patch of green that I call my terrace garden.  It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t seen a house sparrow in ages. Where did they disappear? It is now a cliché to reminisce the beauty of my adopted hometown, … Continue reading

Children of darkness

The late sixties and early seventies of the last century has deep-etched memories for me. I lived there in my early teens. Amongst the many things that were in short supply, electricity perhaps topped the list. (I guess it still does) Load shedding was a phrase that entered permanently in my dictionary. It was a … Continue reading

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Brand Context